Associate Pastor

George Evans, Associate Pastor

Raised nineteen years in the Catholic Church, having been christened, having been to catechism classes, confirmation, having received Holy Communion, having been to confession and even attended a few years at a Catholic school, Brother Evans thought that if his good outweighed his bad, he would go to heaven. Because he had never raped anyone or killed anyone and was born in America, he thought he was a Christian.

At age nineteen, his life was a mess. He thought life was a time to party, to be immoral and to drink. A friend in college one day asked him, “George, if you died today, are you 100% sure?” He said, “Would you like to know for sure how you can go to heaven?” Brother Evans answered, “Sure”.

That night, January 27, 1982, realizing he was a sinner, he invited Jesus Christ into his heart. Everything changed! He began attending Gospel Light Baptist Church in Walkertown, NC and began working with the Bus Ministry. A year and a half later he surrendered to God’s call to preach. He began preaching in one of the Junior Churches at Gospel Light and at several nursing homes.

In 1989, shortly after marrying his wife Debbie, he joined Peace Haven Baptist Church in Yadkinville, NC. In 1999, he became the Youth Pastor at Peace Haven. He is currently the Associate Pastor. He and his wife Debbie have three sons: Cody, Casey, and Cory.